Frankie Comics by Rachel Dukes

I had a chance to read a super cute book called Frankie Comics thanks to NetGalley and I totally loved and adored it. I can’t gush enough on how cute and colorful the comics in the book were. Told in several short stories this book is about a couple who take in a kitten named Frankie and all the antics the kitten gets herself into. The book definitely made me laugh. I loved the humor and how the author included information, advice, and resources at the end for anyone whose looking into adopting a cat. I definitely recommend this book for cat lovers and for anyone whose looking for a super cute read. 5/5 stars

Frankie Comics cover

Audiobook Services

So for the last few months I’ve been relying on using audiobooks to help me from getting out of a reading slumps. So I thought I’d share a few tips with you guys about the different kinds of audiobook services that are out there. (Please Note: This is all based off of my own personal experience)


I tried Audible for a while but it eventually became too expensive for me to pay monthly. A paid subcription to Audible is $14.95 per month. Here are a few Pros and Cons of using Audible.


Since Audible is run by Amazon you basically get to choose from an unlimited selection of audiobooks. You can try the first 30 days for free and they give you 2 credits you can use to get 2 free audiobooks. You also get 2 Audible Originals included in your trial. If you subcribe to Audible you get 1 credit for an audiobook per month and 2 Audible Originals of your choosing. If you don’t like the audibook you chose to spend your credit on you can always exchange it for a different one for free. You also get 30% off of the original price of any audiobook. If you end up canceling your membership Audible lets you keep the audiobooks that you downloaded.


Even though you get a credit and discount Audible its still ends up being pretty expensive especially if you’re on a tight budget.



Currently I’m subscribed to Scribd as its more affordable for me. A paid subscription to Scribd is $8.99 per month. Here are a few Pros and Cons of using Scribd.


Scribd is way more affordable compared to against Audible. You can try the first 30 days for free. Scribd also not only offers audiobooks but also ebooks, snapshots, and documents.


Even though Scribd offers ebooks and audiobooks it doesn’t offer every single kind of audiobook and ebook that Audible and KIndle offer even though they’re always adding new ebooks and audiobooks every month.



Overdrive allows you to take out free audiobooks and ebooks out from your local library. Its totally free and all you need is your libvrary card to sign up.


Overdrive lets you take out free ebooks and audiobooks from your local library. Ebooks and audiobooks automatically return all by themselves.


Even though you can take out audiobook and ebooks its just like waiting to receive an actual book from the library. You have to wait until the person in front of you either finishes or returns the ebook or audiobook in order for you to read and listen to them.















Upcoming YA Novels With Plus Size Female Main Characters

As a person whose plus size and who’s also read a lot of books it’s rare to come by YA novels that feature a plus size main character as the protagonist of the book. I’m so proud of the authors that are bringing about this kind of representation of females that you don’t really see a lot of.  With that being said I’m so beyond excited and happy for these upcoming 2018 releases!!

Upcoming Book Releases

The Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert 1/30

Down And Across by Arvin Ahmadi 2/6

The Midnights by Sarah Nicole Smetana 3/6/18

Ash Princess by Lauren Sebastian 4/24

Your Destination Is On The Left by Lauren Spieller 6/26

See All The Stars by Kit Frick 8/14 

Not Even Bones by Rebecca Schaeffer 9/4

What If It’s Us by Becky Albertalli and Adam Silvera 10/9